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The Rainier Fund

In May, 2016, two kittens presented to Rainier Veterinary Hospital who had suffered severe burns in a homeless encampment. The hospital reached out to the community for help and they responded, exceedingly. These kittens, with no means for paying for medical treatment, were able to get all the help the hospital could provide and more. Unfortunately, only one survived. But this tragic occasion had a silver lining. These kittens and the amazing support from the community to help them sparked the idea of the Rainier Animal Fund (RAF). See the original Facebook post that started it all HERE.

Later that year, the RAF was established with a mission to be a resource for pets in an abusive or homeless situation for emergency veterinary care and to be rehomed. Since then, their mission has grown, along with their reach. The fund incorporates sister hospitals, Bothel Pet Hospital and Beach Veterinary Hospital (which merged into Rainier Veterinary Hospital in 2021). Their mission is now not just limited to homeless and abused animals but includes providing care for low-income families and a list of people or families in certain qualifying circumstances. They are no longer limited to emergent care and rehoming either. They provide low-cost spay and neuters, vaccines, and non-elective care.

The RAF has been able to help so many animals and their families and continue finding ways to give back to the community. They hold free vaccine clinics from time to time, as well as general veterinary care clinics. They also help provide care to pets in many of the nonprofit organizations in the city. You can see some of the amazing stories they’ve created on their blog HERE.

Now through the end of May, the Rainier animal fund has their It's Raining Cats and Dogs Spring campaign at Elliot Bay Veterinary Hospital, Bothel Pet Hospital, and Rainier Veterinary Hospital. Check out more information HERE!

The Rainier Animal Fund is a 100% volunteer organization. If you are looking for ways to give back to this amazing animal community of Seattle, this is a great one. Check their volunteer page to see how you can help. You can stay tuned on what they have going on by following them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Article by Wendi Black

April 2022



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