What is the Law?



Cities in Washington State have different procedures when it comes to registering your pet.  All dogs over 8 weeks of age must be registered.

In addition to ensuring the health and wellness of your dog and your ability to find your dog when it gets lost, registration gives the city and counties details as to how many dogs live in an area which allows city councils to vote favorably for dog-centric public interest ideas such as dog parks!  

Leash Law

The City of Seattle has a leash law requiring all dogs to be on a leash at all times except for in designated off-leash areas. For a list of dog parks click here. Other cities have similar regulations.  Most parks require that dogs be on a leash. For a detailed Northwest-wide dog park map click here.


Scoop the Poop. 

All dog waste must be properly disposed of. Don't leave it BAG IT!  For details on the law check out the Seattle Animal Shelter website.


Get "the tag" if you live in the City of Seattle.




King County 

Snohomish County

Pierce County

Did someone say "dog park"?

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