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SPOTlight: Three Pitties Rescue

Meet Goose!

This 40lb, nine-month-old Lab/Pittie mix is so full of life! The goofiest guy around, Goose would do so well in a home with another dog of similar energy. Goose is pretty athletic and loves a good game of fetch.

But he loves his snuggles too! This handsome boy is crate and house trained. He’s really the perfect goofy guy!

To learn more about Goose, click here. To adopt Goose, fill out an adoption application here.


Say ‘hello’ to Dee Dee!

This mama’s puppies have all gone to their forever homes. Now it’s her turn to shine!

Dee makes the perfect companion - she’s a great cuddler, calm in the house, and as smart as can be! She loves other dogs and is great at sharing her toys. At two years old, this gal has the perfect energy level.

To learn more about Mama Dee, click here. To adopt Dee Dee, fill out an adoption application here.


This sweet, silly lady is Emerald Petra! She is a petite 45 pounds and just a year old! We think she’s a Catahoula/Australian Cattle Dog mix - how cool is that!

Emerald gets along with everyone! She is currently being fostered with small dogs, big dogs, and a cat! She is crate trained and house broken. She’s a little shy at first, but once you get to know her, you’ll see her goofy side come right on out!

To learn more about Emerald, click here. To adopt Emerald Petra, fill out an adoption application here.


Occasionally, pets have already been adopted. Please check through Available Pets to find the pet you are interested in.

Three Little Pitties Rescue saves dogs and cats from life on the streets and overcrowded shelters in Texas and matches them with amazing families in the PNW. The animals are fully vetted and rehabilitated before heading to their forever homes! The rescue sends a USDA certified transport twice per month with dogs and cats from Texas all the way up to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado! These three dogs are currently being fostered in the PNW and are ready for their meet & greet!

Photographs and information provided by the Three Little Pitties Pet Rescue.

Edited by Wendi Black

January 2022



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