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SPOTlight: Sitka

Chocolate lab with greying muzzle running in a field of tall grass with ears flapping behind her and her tongue out

Sitka, or Alaska's New Archangel, is a chocolate Labrador retriever who loves the water. She is very athletic, competing in dock diving and flyball events.

Recently, Sitka participated in the dock diving competition at the Spring Fair in Puyallup, and she took first place in her division! She also competed in the K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch and finished in the top 40 worldwide! She came in fourth in her division and was promoted to “expert.” Not bad for a nine-year-old lab!

chocolate lab retreiving a green frisbee underwater

For fun, Sitka enjoys swimming and playing frisbee (of course!). She is an avid hiker as well, and has even summited Mailbox Peak with her humans.

This high-energy girl is a delight and is known for her exuberance. She has enthusiasm for everything that she does, and I wonder if she ever naps.

Sitka has an extensive collection of collars, from sporting collars to collars adorned with Swarovski crystals. She is ready for any occasion.

Sitka will be featured in a new book called Tails of the Pacific Northwest, which highlights dogs from all over the region. The book helped raise funds for Rogue Detection Teams in Rice, Washington, and will be available by late fall.

If the Pacific Northwest were a dog, it would be Sitka!

You can follow Sitka on Instagram @sitkaroo.

Article by: Holly Cook

Edited by: K. Sims

May 2023



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