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SPOTlight: Sal

Sal, a jindo mix, stands with her ears perked and tail up on a stone wall

On a dreary, gray Saturday morning, Wendi, my husband, and I met Sal, a pharaoh hound/Jindo mix, and her person at a local park. The clouds hung heavy with moisture and it was only a matter of time before the rain would begin. This is the Pacific Northwest, after all, and enjoying outdoor activities in the rain is par for the course. It seemed that Sal thought so, too.

Sal was rescued from the meat trade in South Korea. Her full name is Salryc, but that’s only when she’s being mischievous.

At nearly three years old, Sal is a solid dog. She excels at running and sharing how intelligent she is. She enjoys giving chase to all the squirrels. She rarely catches them, but not for lack of trying! When she’s not zooming, jumping over things, or chasing squirrels, Sal can be found bathing in a puddle of sunshine (her favorite activity!).

Sal loves meeting new people, but that wasn’t always the case. She had to overcome fear and anxiety that manifested in some behavioral issues. With a lot of patience, persistence, and praise from her mom, plus the help of a professional dog trainer, Sal is now confident and quirky.

Even though her mom claims that she doesn’t have a favorite treat, Sal is highly motivated by food. As I photographed her, I noticed that she would do just about anything I asked for a Stella & Chewy’s Wild Weenie…bacon-flavored, to be exact.

Sal is an independent dog who loves having her own space. But sometimes she will lie down on her mom’s favorite blanket and not move. This is Sal’s version of cuddling.

Sal is the apple of her mom’s eye. She exclaimed, “I love her to death!” All dog parents who read this will likely nod their heads knowingly, because that’s how they feel about their own dogs!

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Article by Holly Cook

January 2023

Edited by K. Sims



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