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SPOTlight: Nash

bernese mountain dog with bandana

Nashville (Nash for short), is a five-month-old Bernese mountain dog. He has a luxurious black coat, broad chest, strong legs, white paws that give the appearance of having little socks on his feet, and a long tail ending with a furry white “flag.” His ears are wavy and look like they have been professionally crimped, as if he were living in the late 1980s. They are also irresistible and begged to be scratched!

Nash is employed at his mom’s place of business in Kirkland, Washington. He spends his days visiting with her clients, who love to bring him presents.

At nearly 50 pounds, Nash is a big puppy. Despite his size, he is extremely gentle with people, even with children. His gentle nature and his soft coat invite people to interact with him.

Like all puppies, Nash is curious and takes time to investigate new things. Nash is also laid-back and very smart. He knows several commands, including sit, stay, and down. Although he might not perform them perfectly every time, he does try!

Nash’s favorite thing in the whole world is peanut butter. Whether frozen in a KONG toy or packed into a hoof, Nash loves his peanut butter.

He also loves car rides. You can keep up with Nash and his adorable eyebrows on Instagram @nashvilletheberner

Article and photography by Holly Cook

Edited by K. Sims

February 2023



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