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SPOTlight: Lia!

Lia spent the first 10 weeks of her life playing with horses on a farm in Arkansas. Though she had lots of fun on the farm, Lia has shown that she is a city dog through and through. She enjoys spending time with fellow pups, but she definitely prefers the company of humans (probably because they can give her belly rubs).

This diva absolutely loves to visit her doggy day care in Redmond, Pickles Playland. Her favorite activities include playing tug-of-war and getting belly rubs, which she demands from any human she sees.

When the weather permits, Lia likes to lounge in any ray of sun she can find while she digests her favorite treats: rabbit- and sweet potato-flavored Merrick Power Bites! To keep up with this cute pup, you can follow her on Instagram @lia.the.corgi!

Article by Wendi Black

Edited by K. Sims

Photos provided by Lia’s owner

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