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SPOTlight: Hex

Hex is a handsome Belgian Malinois being fostered in the Seattle area by the Woof Project Rescue. Hex is incredibly smart and active! He has lots of playful energy that he can channel into fun activities like playing disc. At just under a year old, he still has that puppy energy, and when playtime is over, Hex is down to relax and watch TV or snuggle.

He is not shy with people or other dogs, so he would do well in a house with other pets, or with a social family. He would be a great adventure dog on the trails of the PNW, or the waters of the Puget Sound. His intelligence would also make him a good candidate for further training towards being a working dog. If you would like to learn more about Hex, contact the rescue HERE. To check the status on Hex and see if he is still available check HERE.

Photos provided by John Pavitsky and Pavlina Sandborn

Article by Wendi Black

February 2022



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