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SPOTlight: Ghost

beautiful photograph of Samoyed pup smiling with his tongue out and a background of the setting sun on the Puget Sound at Discovery Park

Seattle Pup Magazine met Ghost at the most appropriate time of year to meet an animal with such a name: October. He was dressed as a pumpkin at the Park Pups Spooktacular event – his first Halloween at six months of age.

Ghost is a super fluffy, white Samoyed with cute little ears that just barely poke out past his fur.

If not attending one of the many Samoyed meetups around the city, Ghost can usually be found at Denny Park or Discovery Park. He loves to dig and offer sticks to other dogs as a gift to gain their friendship before playing commences. Though dog parks are a great everyday outing for Ghost, he LOVES to visit grandma and her puggle, Vincent. Grandma gives the best treats!

Being a snowball-like critter, it only stands to reason that Ghost is very excited about snow – especially if he can play his two favorite games, keep-away and chase!

But life isn’t all fun and games. Ghost goes to work with his mom a couple times each week. There he attends training classes and provides free snuggles with a floof. Since his mom is a trainer, he gets to spend a lot of time learning (both at work and at home). Ghost currently knows 45 tricks and commands!

We had such a great time meeting up with this fluffy, friendly boy again this spring! To keep up with what Ghost is up to, you can follow him on Instagram: @_good_boy_ghost.

Article by: Wendi Black

Edited by: K. Sims

Photography by: Holly Cook



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