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SPOTlight: Daphne and Dexter

This month we have a special double feature! Daphne and Dexter are half siblings who share a father. He bestowed upon them the pawesome rare fuzzy gene that gives them long hair! Their fluff is absolutely adorable and makes their corgi butts extra cute. Though they don’t shed as much as short-haired corgis, they do need a fair amount of grooming. Daph and Des’x mom brushes them every day and has learned to groom them herself since it needs to be done so frequently.

Two long-haired Corgis against blue sky

Dexter is Daphne’s senior by three years (ages 7 and 4 respectively) but that doesn’t slow him down. While attempting to get these cute running shots at Discovery Park, Dexter kept leaving Daphne in the dust! But oddly enough, it will be Daphne running in the corgi races at Emerald Downs this month. She has some training to do!

Long-haired Corgi in tall brown grass.

These pups LOVE to socialize. They would choose this above all other activities, and you can find them at many corgi meet-ups that their mom sets up around the city. They are so popular that they even help promote events that fund and support things like Alzheimer's research.

Two long-haired Corgis in July 4th attire, sitting on rock wall.

One of their favorite places to visit is Cannon Beach, OR. They love the sand, the ocean, and the beautiful weather that the Oregon coast has to offer. You can keep up with what these amazingly adorable pups are up to on their Instagram @Dexterfluffybutt_ft_Daphne.

Two long-haired Corgis In July 4th attire on rock in meadow.

Article by Wendi Black

Photos by Holly Cook

July 2023



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