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SPOTlight: Coby!

Coby the parti yorkie in a field of yellow flowers

Coby is a 3-year-old Parti Yorkie who, along with his human, created Coby’s Pop Up Dog Cafe. Specializing in handcrafted coffee, tea, and pastries, Coby’s Pop Up Dog Cafes take place just about anywhere in Seattle. To find out where the next Pop Up Cafe will be held, simply follow Coby on Instagram @cobys.pupup or sign up for the newsletter. The Pup Ups welcome dogs and humans, and they’re a great way to meet new friends.

Coby the parti yorkie on a log in front of the Puget Sound  sound

Coby loves everyone and is a spirited small dog. At about 7 pounds, Coby walks with the confidence of a much larger dog. He is inquisitive, smart, and does whatever his human asks him to do, as long as she has a treat in her hand. He has the discernment of a sage, older dog, and he carries himself on prancing paws with his head held high..

His multicolored coat is called a “parti'' coat because partys are colorful!. This coat coloration is not common among the Yorkie breed, but the parti coat suits Coby’s fun-loving personality well.

Coby the parti yorkie on rock wall with meadow in background.

Coby is also very smart and figures things out quickly. Once he knows what is being asked of him, he responds almost immediately. He even knows how to burrito roll himself into a blanket!

This friendly little dog lights up the room wherever he goes and enjoys the adoration of people. He also enjoys the company of other dogs and is invited to all of the popular dog parties and playdates.

Parti Yorkie on a bench at Discover Park in Seattle

If you want to keep up with Coby, you can follow him on Instagram to keep up with his latest activities and Pup Up Cafe events.

Article and photographs by Holly Cook

Edited by Wendi Black



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