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SPOT-Light! Betsy, Tux, and Lola

Today, over here at Seattle Pup Magazine, we are SPOT-lighting a family of pups! These PAW-some canines are pretty darn cute! WE LOVE TO SPOTLIGHT local pups! Want to have your PUP spotlighted by Seattle Pup Magazine? Send us a pup-bio along side some photos (name, age, breed(s), loves, stories, etc.) to

Lola, Tux, and Betsy (and their human!)

Betsy, Photo by Dirtie Dog Photography

Betsy is almost 12. Her human got her when she was 5 years old, and she is an adorable Velcro dog. She likes kisses and keeps her human clean. When she knows meal time is close by, she starts scolding and batting her human, and she can get SUPER loud. She prefers food to toys. When her human opens the fridge to get the food out, she will stand on her back legs and stick her head in the fridge. She even tries to start eating out of the bag before her human can even get the food out of the bag and into the bowl.

Tux. His human says he is a very human-looking little guy, and we agree! He is also extremely silly. He loves the sound of his own bark, and he has become more impish with age. His latest thing, which earned him the name Goofus Hellaboi, is going downstairs and getting up on the cocktail table and trying to eat the DVD covers. His human has made several adjustments to discourage him. The vet said at his last visit, “He really is a funny little guy isn’t he?” and the answer is “absolutely!” Tux is NUTS about his ball. He will throw it to himself if it isn't thrown just right, and his humans swear he is in love with the thing!


Photo by Marilyn Milano

Lola. This pretty lady is 14 and a half years old and has been through the photo rodeo before and is not so into having her photo taken these days--been there done that! Her human says she is the most WONDERFUL dog. She was adopted from a rescue in 2009 when she was two years old. Her owners gave her to a shelter because she’d had cherry eye, which is easy to treat. Right now, Lola is being treated for Cushing’s Syndrome and a gallbladder mucocele. Even though she has lost a lot of body weight, her blood work is checked regularly. This little girl is actually doing pretty darn well . . . kind of like your 90-year-old aunt who uses a walker and sometimes forgets where she is but still loves a good game of Canasta.


Edited by: Wendi Black



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