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Poo Poo Poo . . . . What in the World Should We Do?

Don’t you hate it when your pup poops but there isn’t a container nearby, so you have to carry it for the rest of your walk?

What if you meet someone along the way? What do you do with the poop? From the look of things around Seattle and the Puget Sound area, we know many dog owners don’t keep tabs on their dog’s deposit bags. They end up in the street, on the sidewalk, or in someone’s else’s trash can. (Note: That random bag of poop—when not properly disposed of in a larger bag—will likely get stuck at the bottom of your neighbor’s trash can and never make it into the garbage truck. Yuck!)

Fortunately, the folks at Dog iD have found a clever solution: a dog walking kit aptly named the Schitty Kit. This compact tote serves as a holding tank for your dog’s deposits. Seattle Pup Magazine received this bag to review, and we found it to be a great concept.

This little black bag is made to last. Made of sturdy ripstop nylon, it’s strong and heavy duty. The bag comes with a crossover strap, a belt, and a metal belt clip so that it can be worn several ways. Inside, the removeable deposit bag is zippered, water resistant, and washable. It also includes a convenient, embedded bag dispenser and a mesh pocket in front. Currently available in one size, the Schitty Kit is approximately 7.5” L x 7.5” T x 2” W.

We give this concept 4 out of 5 wags!

Having a place to store dirty poop bags while out walking is fantastic. We needed a place to put the poop to pack it out and dispose of it properly.

If you have a very small dog, this bag will work for you. Unfortunately, my miniature schnauzer produced too much poo for this bag to work for us. We would love it if larger sizes were available.

It might also be nice to make the deposit containment area a hard case instead of a zippered pouch. That way, we could avoid having to squeeze the deposit into a bag. Perhaps a fanny pack design with a removable hard-shell container would work?

But as a go-to bag for easy-to-retrieve poop bags, treats, a cellphone, and a wallet, the Schitty Kit is a great addition to our daily routine.

Many thanks to Dog iD for coming up with this great concept! We love the idea and look forward to seeing more.

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