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MustLuvBoxers Rescue

Years ago, before MustLuvBoxers was able to rescue pets, they were simply a discussion forum where people from all over the world could go to talk about animal care, share tips of training and general pet ownership, and organize small rescue efforts. This group had such a passion to help animals that, after a while, it transformed into the MustLuvBoxers Rescue, operated entirely by volunteers.

This rescue has done amazing things with organized volunteers as well as partnered with trainers and veterinary clinics around the PNW. As their organization grows and attempts to tackle more pets in need, their need for a larger facility arose. And they got it!

MustLuvBoxers Rescue has obtained 5 acres in Northern Washington for all of their boxer rescue needs: areas for rest, areas for play, a medical building, a training facility, and lodging for not only the pets but the volunteers as well. It is really quite a plan.

Boxer in pink bandana

As a rescue, many of their volunteers are foster parents. As we’ve discussed in many articles, fostering is such a beautiful and selfless way to give back to the pet community if you are able (though not everyone is). Some volunteers who can’t foster an animal in their home can help with admin responsibilities such as marketing, event planning, volunteer organization, etc. Others can stay at the new facility (when it is ready) to play with and care for the pups being housed there.

MustLuvBoxers Volunteer with Boxer

To get the new property up and running at its full potential, MustLuvBoxers needs help. They are hosting many events for cleaning, building, and landscaping at their new facility and looking for volunteers to help provide their expertise and supplies.

Apart from working events at/for the new facility, MustLuvBoxers hosts MANY dog-friendly events all around the PNW including Dog Days of Summer, Bark at the Bay, and many more.

To learn more about MustLuvBoxers and keep up with their events, or to lend your support as a volunteer, check out their site:

Article by Wendi Black

Photos from MustLuvBoxers Rescue site

July 2023



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