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Gifts Guide for Fur-Babies

For many people, gift giving is a beautiful tradition to show their loved ones gratitude and appreciation. Whatever the occasion may be, dog people often want to include their pups! But sometimes it can be hard choosing a gift for your fur-baby. Obviously they love treats, treats, and more treats, but there are MANY other options! Seattle Pup is here to open your mind to a wide variety of gift ideas for your canines (or your human friends who have dogs of their own)!

Many pet parents love to take their furry companions on adventures to explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Here are some outdoorsy gift ideas:

  • Comfortable harness and leash set (consider choosing one made with reflective materials for increased visibility)

  • Portable water bowl or food container

  • Booties to protect their paws from the elements

  • Warm, waterproof jacket

  • Bright-colored life jacket (for water explorers)

  • Small pouch for them to carry supplies in (a pup could carry their own hiking snacks or a first aid kit)

Many pups and their people enjoy spending time in Seattle and the surrounding suburbs. Here are some city-living gift


  • Matching bandanas for you and your pup (or the whole family!)

  • Booties for walking on streets and sidewalks during cold and hot weather

  • Stroller or wagon for dogs with unsteady gaits or legs too small to keep up the pace

  • Toys to enjoy for hours of active time (think tug-of-war, fetch, and agility, or mental enrichment like puzzle feeders or snuffle mats)

  • A painting or drawing of your pup (let’s be honest, this is more of a gift for you, but that’s OK!)

  • Cozy bed or cubby

  • Stairs or ramps for pups with mobility issues

  • Play dates with old friends or new ones (there are many places in Seattle that offer meetups for pups)

Ultimately, most pups just want to spend quality time with their favorite people. These gifts should be coupled with a promise to use them with your pet and give them that time and attention. We hope you have found your perfect pet gift here, and have a PAWesome Holiday!

Article by Wendi Black

Edited by K. Sims

Photographs provided by Holly Cook

December 2022



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