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SoulDog Creative

We all love to have professional photographs of the most joyous occasions in our lives, but we rarely think about professional photos of the creatures responsible for most of our everyday joy: our animals! Sure, we have hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of pretty cute pictures on our phone that we show our friends, family, and even complete strangers, but do our photos really do them justice? The lighting is off, it’s blurry because they moved too quickly, or there are three dozen in quick succession with the hopes that a couple will be okay. When this is the case, it can be hard to scroll to the photo we want to show someone, or Google tells us our storage is almost full. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an album of simply perfect photographs of our beloved pets?

Photo by Dirtie Dog Photography

Today I interviewed Marika Moffitt, the owner of SoulDog Creative (previously Dirtie Dog Photography), to discuss her passion for animal photography. Marika has been taking photos since she was a child and always felt a strong pull to have great photographic memories of the furry critters she loves so much but knows they have only a short while with her. In 2017, she launched a business just for animal photography. Her photos are exquisite and beautiful and capture an animal in a way that shows you its personality. She believes in telling an animal’s story and making it so, even when they have gone on to their next adventure, their owner and the people who loved them can forever enjoy their memory. Her most popular memorabilia is an elegant album, but she offers an array of options from wall art to acrylic tabletop decor.

Photo by Dirtie Dog Photography

Marika is not only an amazing photographer but also a huge contributor to the animal community in Seattle. She is the founder of the Seattle Pet Collective podcast, which has interviews with various animal-related business owners in Seattle so that the community can get to know them in a way that can never be portrayed as well on a website. She also co-founded the Limelight Pet Project that shines the light of attention on pets that are having a hard time getting adopted.

Photos by Dirtie Dog Photography at the Dogwood Play Park Halloween event.

Marika can be reached HERE. She also loves making connections through Instagram (@SoulDogCreative) where you can see more of her story, and who she is. She believes it is important to have a good, personal relationship with the person you would like to help you tell your dog’s story, and I can tell from our short interview, her passion for animals and community makes her super easy to connect with!

Photo by Dirtie Dog Photography

Article by: Wendi Black



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