Pickle Needs Your Help to Find His Way Home! LOST DOG (Seattle)

Pickle is missing! Please do not chase. He is not aggressive but is timid. Call or text (818) 606-5949 if seen.

Pickle is a very recently adopted fur-ever friend. He is approximately 4-years-old and weights about 17 pounds. He's a Jack Russell mix - probably mixed with chihuahua, dachshund, and maybe beagle.

He's a little hefty with short legs and has two brown spots on his head and one at the base of his tail. Other than those markings, he's mostly white. He spooked and slipped out of his collar on Monday night (May 11, 2020), and took off running from Eastlake toward Roanoke Park (in Seattle) and that's where his owner lost track of him.

Pickle was last reported seen on Tuesday evening (May 12, 2020) at the Montlake Playfield (in Seattle). He's very scared and shy and is probably hiding and avoiding major roads. Do NOT chase. He's not aggressive at all, just very timid. He's micro-chipped.

Please call or text 818-606-5949 if seen.

Let's help bring Pickle home!!

If you or someone you know has lost a dog or have found one please be sure to send us an email and let us know! And please check out the Lost & Found list!

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