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We sat down the other day with Lora and her adorable pup Dominique to chat about her dog-centric non-profit, the Seattle Dogs Homeless Program.

Photo reprinted with permission from Seattle Dogs Homeless Program @werseattledogs

Lora and her husband started the Seattle Dogs Homeless Program in 2014 after finally finding their own way out of homelessness. Both had had good jobs, but then Lora got sick, her husband lost his job, and before you know it they could not afford rent. Lora, her husband, and three small dogs (two Pomeranians and a Yorkie) and one not-so-small pup, a Newfoundland, were all living together in a tent in the middle of winter. They never thought anything was going to change. They struggled for pet food and vet care but then found out about the Doney Coe Clinic, another wonderful Seattle-based non-profit, that provides food and basic vet care to homeless community pets.

Lok, loved his treat as part of his care bag which included wet/dry food, toys, Huggle Hound sleeping mat, and of course treats! @werseattledogs

One of their Pomeranians by the name of OB was 13 and they knew something was wrong; he needed life-saving surgery. The couple had limited resources and even though the vet offered to take payments, the price was higher than they expected. Lora will tell you that was the worst time of her life. She felt helpless but after 30 days OB was returned to them. He had survived the surgery but now needed insulin. Once again the Doney Clinic came thru and that is something Lora and her husband will never forget. Sadly OB died a few months later due to a diabetes-related illness.

“NOW is what is most important.

We can help someone with their dog or cat, their companion, their family. Give them a boost, something to help ease the burden of not having the means to provide the care they desire, the care they need, something the owners can look forward to and feel proud giving their pets."

After a year of homelessness they had lost their beloved OB but they kept searching for a home and a safe place to stay and to get back on their feet. Eventually they were finally lucky enough to find a hotel in Belltown that gave them a monthly break and let them stay there with their 3 dogs. With a heck of a lot of work and luck, Lora and her husband made their way back into an apartment and back in the workforce.

Peewee, the miracle pup! @werseattledogs

But, after experiencing what they had, they knew that something needed to be done to help Seattle pups who had fallen on hard times, something to step in to fill the need for those that couldn't wait to get to the Doney Clinic, something that met the need on the street. One day they decided to grab a bag of dog food, get on a bus, and give it away. It felt right. So they did it again. And again. And again. Lora gradually persuaded her husband that each dog needed a can of meat, a treat, a toy and he would gently smile at her and say ok.

Today the Seattle Homeless Dogs Program gives out an estimated 2,500 pounds of pet food a month. (dry food =1500 lbs, 800 cans of wet dog food+ treats). They have also networked with local businesses to provide not only food & treats, but also other doggie items including bowls, leashes, and collars. In addition to this they also offer much-needed dog boarding services thru Best Friends Boarding & Day Spa in Edmonds who donate kennel space to Seattle Dogs for people who have started jobs, or need their pet cared for during hospital stays or drug rehab--a key need to getting families out of homelessness while maintaining ownership of their beloved pets. Many people with pets are going to school, work, or have other obligations, for many their pets are everything to them. Having a safe, caring place for their dogs to stay removes some of the barriers to housing and care, while giving the owners peace of mind. Greenwood Animal Hospital has provided Seattle Dogs with vet care.* All vet care is funded by donations. We encourage our readers to support this fantastic non-profit! Click here to donate.

“We are making a heck of a difference.”

Lora says she will continue to provide care for as long as she is able. Having been diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease, Lora understands how important it is to do things NOW. “Now is what is most important. We can help someone with their dog or cat, their companion, their family. Give them a boost, something to help ease the burden of not having the means to provide the care they desire, care they need, something the owners can look forward to and feel proud giving their pets."

"Girl and her dog Shadow" by Indra. For more about the artist and to purchase her work please contact the Seattle Dogs Homeless Program.

Seattle Dogs also provides rescue adoptions for dogs an owner can no longer care for due to their personal situation or for dogs that have been been abandoned or abused by their owners. Seattle Dogs takes the pups in, provides vet care, and then places them up for adoption. They also work with local rescues and shelters that help take on homeless dogs in need.

Covering the needs of the pets from A-Z provides the necessary care to keep pets with their owners as well as a safety net for dogs in need. One such pup, a cutie by the name of Cheech is currently available for adoption. For more details on Cheech and other pups up for adoption, please visit the Seattle Dogs Homeless Program website:

Happy Pups, Donation Pickup! @werseattledogs

Seattle Dogs Homeless Program is a 501C-3 non-profit. We encourage you to donate to this PAW-some cause. You can donate via Paypal:, or you can send donations directly to their vet Greenwood Animal Hospital 206-528-3838 re: Seattle Dogs.

*Seattle Dogs Homeless Program has a mandatory spay/neuter policy for vet care that is provided at no cost to the owner. All Dogs & Cats must be spayed or neuter the day or care. There may be exceptions to this rule if emergency care is required. The owners must then agree to have their dog spayed or neutered after care is received.

All of the photos in this article were reprinted with permission from the Seattle Dogs Homeless Program. @werseattledogs

Seattle Pup Magazine is proud to spotlight Seattle Homeless Dogs. If you or someone you know has a pup in need we have created a list of all of the area pet services. You can find the list this website. Go to the Seattle Pup Magazine, "Dogs in Need" page today!

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