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Ok, so we have to say that over here at Seattle Pup Magazine we are jumpin’ with joy about DOGSPOT.

It is deadly dangerous and, in many places, illegal to leave your dog in the car so what is a pup owner to do when they need to get groceries? DOGSPOT & QFC have teamed up to provide a solution!

Photo by Brigit Stadler @lifeasavoyager

Earlier this week we had a chance to meet up with Chelsea Brownridge, co-founder of DOGSPOT, and QFC marketing manager, Allison Todd, during the DOGSPOT open house at the QFC located in University Village (Seattle).

Based in Brooklyn, New York, DOGSPOT began with an idea and a garage in 2015. Since then DOGSPOT has been bringing air conditioned or heated (weather dependent), 100% fresh air, sanitized, wi-fi real-time, webcam-monitored dog houses to grocery stores, restaurants, and other spots around the United States.

During the open house we learned how to operate the DOGSPOT

App (it is really simple and fun to use). Once you have it on your phone you can reserve a spot, open the doggie door when you get within a leash length or so, place your pup in the posh space, and then go shopping. During your shopping trip you can monitor your pup with the app’s live stream, full color, wi-fi camera. You can also see what temperature it is in the house and whether or not the fan is on!

Terrier mix inside DOGSPOT house

Photo by Brigit Stadler @lifeasavoyager

As Chelsea's pup, Pepita, gracefully entered the house and sat down, Chelsea explained that the current house is sized to that of a German Shepard kennel and that later in July, DOGSPOT plans to switch out the current houses to a larger model in order to accommodate larger dogs. She did state that at this time it was not possible to house the largest breeds and that the houses were “one size fits most.”

dog leaving dog house

The houses are comfortable and quiet. The door is also fitted with a one-way glass window so that passersby won’t notice there is a dog inside, while the pup can monitor what is going on.

A series of lights indicates if the spot is in use and locked (red), ready for a dog (green), or in maintenance mode (orange). The house includes a UVC light that runs the length of the roof. Once a dog has left the house, the light turns on and sanitizes the space. It rids the space of kennel cough and other canine communicable diseases. Each SPOT is monitored remotely while there is a dog in the house. If there is an accident or an animal appears stressed a DOGSPOT rep will contact the owner immediately.

White German Shepard in DOGSPOT house

Photo by Brigit Stadler @lifeasavoyager

Local canine model and Instagram influencer, Fenrir—a gorgeous white shepherd (@troubleon4paws) who doubles as a search and rescue pup for the local organization German Shepherd Search Dogs—showed how easy it was to get in and out of one of these hi-tech houses.

Since this is a new concept, DOGSPOT has been getting a lot of questions. We had a few for them too.

Will my dog like it?

According to DOGSPOT, most dogs do not mind being in the house, but it is best to try it out first. Let your dog get used to it with you being close by.

Photo by Brigit Stadler @lifeasavoyager

What happens if I can’t get my dog out or I lose connection with my wifi?

There is a physical lock and key located on the house. If you experience a problem you can call the 1-800 number. You will need to call the 800 number on the house to get access to the key.

How much does it cost?

In the Seattle Area the cost is sponsored by QFC. When you sign up for DOGSPOT before June 30th you will get your first 90 days free. After that, QFC will be offering free dog parking validation for customers (up to 30 minutes).

Woman opening dog house

Where can I find a DOGSPOT?

In the Seattle Metro Area there are currently 8 QFC spots where you can park your dog. Currently the QFCs in Ballard, Wallingford, Uptown, Broadway Market, Harvard Market, Bella ottega (Redmond), and Urban (Kirkland) have a SPOT. Seven of the SPOTs are currently up and running. The Kirkland SPOT is coming soon.

basket of pink tennis balls

buttons with dog sayings

Photos by Brigit Stadler @lifeasavoyager


We love to post articles about dog stuff like this! Do you have dog-friendly places you like to visit? Or doggie ideas? We would love to hear from you! CONTACT Seattle Pup!


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