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Dear Lucy, "My Humans Are in School, What Do I Do?"

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Dear Lucy,

I love my owners, but they are never all home to play. Everyday they go away with their backpacks for something called "school." One of my adult owners is usually home, but they don’t play with me like the others do. How can I entertain myself while I’m waiting for them to come home?

Luna, Ballard

WOOF! Luna!!

Humans. My first suggestion would be, since one of your humans is home, is to insist that they play a little bit each day. Smile! Wag your tail! It is your way of telling them that playing with you is good for their health and keeps them young. Remind your adult human that science shows that exercise is one of the best ways to stay healthy, and what better way to stay healthy than to play with you!

One way to do this would be to snuggle against your human's leg and look lovingly into their eyes. Be sure to bring a toy that your adult human can play with---maybe a tug toy or a ball they can throw to you. Sometimes humans don't always get the message, so you may need to get creative.

During the times that your humans are not home, that can be hard. I understand and can relate. Personally, I like toys. But I get tired of the same toys every day. I really like it when my human changes things. I especially like it when she changes the toys each day! I forget sometimes how cool my toys are and when they are gone for a couple of days, when they reappear it feels like they are new! (Make sure that the toys are in good condition and not susceptible to coming apart and causing you to swallow them or choke while your human is away).

Of course another thing I like are those KONG toys. Play with it just right and PRESTO you get a treat! Have you tried the Buster Cube? Check this out this video! It is so much fun!

Thanks for writing to me! I love getting mail!

Live. Love. WAG!



Lucy, German Shepard Mix

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Lucy has been serving as the canine director of Seattle Pup Magazine for the past 3 years. She loves to hang out on the couch and answer her mail. Does your pup have questions for Lucy? Send her a note!


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