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Are You Ready for NO Viaduct? Ride Right with Rover Transit Guide

So as many of you know, the City of Seattle is removing the Alaska Way Viaduct starting Friday (January 11, 2019). Things are going to be a bit harried in the downtown area and throughout our major roadways as the city works toward putting some of our traffic underground in a new tunnel. Until the tunnel opens (the date hasn't been set yet but the guess is this spring) many more folks will be traveling into the city by bus, train, and light rail.




Seattle and the surrounding areas will need to rely on our transit systems to get us all where we need to go. In addition to working from home and sharing rides the city encourages people to use the transit services available in the city.

If you are new to riding mass transit one thing to realize with a project such as the closure of the Viaduct is that it will be quite busy and crowded on buses and trains. Please consider this if you are traveling with your furry companion. Riding in the off-times (outside of commuter times) may be your best bet.


Transit options will be crowded.

Please keep this in mind when riding with your furry companions.


We have numerous ways to get to this city by bus and train. Catch King County Metro for trips to and from Downtown Seattle. Headed to the Eastside grab a Sound Transit bus! Headed North to Everett? Check out The Sounder and Community Transit and if you are wanting to head down to Tacoma the Sounder is a fine ride! Of course you can always take Amtrak to get further away. NOTICE: Greyhound and BOLT Bus are very strict about their pet policy and only allow service dogs.

AH! Smell that air! IZZY is the Seattle

Seattle Pup Magazine encourages and advocates for mass transit in this grand city and has put together the Seattle Pup Magazine "Ride Right with Rover Transit Guide" to help dog owners navigate the many transit options available. Check it out today! Click HERE and GET OUT THERE!


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