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Rainy Day Movies! 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians original gold book cover image

101 Dalmatians!

December Movies of the Month!

101 Dalmatians (Golden Book) by Penguin Books.

101 Dalmatians and its remake provide 2 fantastic dog films for the month of December!

With cave season in full swing here in the Northwest (45 degrees and dark by 3:30 pm) we suggest curling up with your furry friends and watching the following films! We especially like the classic animated film which opened in theaters in 1961.

Make it a doggie marathon and watch them all! We encourage you to find these Fido-fantastic films through your local library. WE LOVE PUBLIC LIBRARIES!

101 Dalmatians CLASSIC (1961) available on Vimeo (if you have trouble with streaming try reducing the resolution by clicking the settings icon). (King County Library has the film in their collection for those who wish to borrow the DVD).

101 Dalmatians 1996 movie poster

This remake of the original can be downloaded through the Seattle Public Library


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