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Seattle Pup Magazine Supports LOCAL Business Advertising

Over here at Seattle Pup Magazine we are LOCO-vores. As you can probably tell we are crazy about dogs, and we also LOVE all things LOCAL.

Boston terrier playing on newspaper

Seattle Pup Magazine provides advertising opportunities for Pacific Northwest dog-centric and pet-friendly businesses.

We love to promote local small businesses and sole proprietors and have a range of advertising that can fit most any budget. (*even budgets on a shoestring!)

Right now we are working on the Seattle Pup Magazine Pet-Friendly Business Directory! Remember the old telephone books? If not, they looked like this: (it took us awhile to locate an image--many thanks to the librarians at the Seattle Public Library for helping us locate one we could scan!)

Interested? Contact us! We are available to meet up in person, over the phone, or via email/text to talk about advertising options.


Do you work or volunteer for a non-profit? We post links to dog/pet-friendly non-profits for FREE on our site. Check out our pages "Rescue a Pup" and "Non-Profits and Volunteering" to see if your organization is listed. If not, please contact us!


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