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Sinatra Visits Seattle!

Sinatra, Golden Retriever, Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle, Photo by @alfrescodog

September's Seattle Pup Spotlight is Sinatra! He visited the Emerald City earlier this year, and we have been following is adventures! Welcome to Seattle Sinatra! Our tails are wagging!


SInatra, golden retriever , "Eagle" b Alexander Calder, Olympic Sculpture Park

"Eagle" by Alexander Calder, Olympic Sculpture Park, Photo by @alfrescodog

My name is Sinatra, and I'm a friendly Golden Retriever Service Dog who is traveling across North America alongside my Comrade. I just turned four years old this past June, and we will be traveling for at least four more years. We visited the Pacific Northwest for several months, although we're currently exploring Mexico. Who knows where we'll go from here!

Puget Sound. Photo by @alfrescodog

Our objective is to inspire people to take their dogs with them and explore life together. We believe that will strengthen the positive bond between hoomans and dogs.

Also, if more people take their dogs with them, businesses will need to become more dog-friendly to accommodate their customer's expectations.


There's adventure everywhere!


Sinatra, Golden Retriever, Century Field with lights

Century Field, Photo by @alfrescodog

It will be a long process, but we believe it starts when someone wants to take their dog along. If they pick a place to go based on their dog-friendliness. That's how it starts.

Red Twin Popsicle, by artist Catherine Mayer. Photo by @alfrescodog

Finally, dogs love to explore. You don't have to go camping or take a long trip to a national park. You can just walk through a different area, visit a new part of town, or go to another park. There's adventure everywhere!

Space Needle, photo by @alfrescodog

My Instagram is @alfrescodog and I'm currently showcasing my adventures in Mexico City, Victoria, and of course, Seattle! So join me and help me choose where I should go next!"

- Sinatra


We love to Sing in the Rain!!

Check out these oldies by the "The Voice" that were made for Seattle!


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