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DAWGS Unleashed!

Call Sign Charlie & Assistant Director of UW Student Vet Life, Lindsay Church

Come by the University of Washington, Seattle Campus Wednesday, September 26, 2018 from 11am-1pm to meet some of the working Dawgs on campus! These "Huskies" normally work for their owners/handlers when they are out in public, but on the first day of school they will be playing it cool on the front lawn of the Husky Union Building A.K.A "the HUB.”

Assistant Director of Student Veteran Life (SVL) at the University of Washington-Seattle Campus, Lindsay Church organized this event. "Our job at SVL is to encourage ways to re-integrate military vets back into community life, civilian life, and dogs do that! They make it easier."


Dogs make the difference!


Dawgs Unleashed was inspired by an experience Lindsay had while recovering from her injuries at a hospital in San Diego. One of the women helping her with recovery was blind and had a guide dog. Lindsay had an opportunity to attend a Service Dogs Off Leash event at that time. One day the blind community brought their dogs to a volleyball court, closed the gates, took their dogs off their leash and let them run and play with others. For a few hours Lindsay and other patients served as guides, while the dogs played and romped around off leash, unfettered. This experience helped heal all involved. Like the Service Dogs Off Leash event, DAWGS Unleashed encourages positive connections between students, vets, the police,and the public. Dogs make the difference!

Meet the DAWGS!

Call Sign Charlie, Golden Retriever

Call Sign Charlie, Photo by Brigit Stadler

Leading the pack is Call Sign Charlie. Lindsay's personal service dog has become a canine ambassador of sorts. Lindsay requires Charlie to help her get around and, due to the injuries she sustained during her service, can't run with Charlie. While at work, UW student vets take Charlie out for her much needed exercise. At DAWGS Unleashed, Charlie will be front and center chasing balls and playing tag with the other members of the pack!

Officers Eldrodt and Bresko, Sam and Murphy Golden retrievers

Officers Eldrot, Sam, Murphy, and Bresko, photo by Brigit Stadler

K-9 Officers Sam, Murphy, and Harley—one or more of whom will be in attendance—are on hand to insure students and the public feel at home on campus! Earlier this year we interviewed the University of Washington Police K-9 Unit. Check out the article titled "UW “Huskies” Keep Us Safe by a Nose" for more info and great photos about this paw-some team!

Another fantastic group of pups will be hanging out on the lawn. College Dogs is a trained/certified/registered therapy dog group that brings dogs to schools, universities, and nursing homes. You will see them working hard to help students get thru finals week. On this day though, they will be running around playing ball on the lawn.

All are welcome to attend this event. Please note that other dogs need to be kept on a leash. The University of Washington does not have an off-leash dog park. The closest dog park is up the road at Magnuson Park. Magnuson Dog Park is an awesome park and has water access!

Officer Murphy, Photo by Brigit Stadler


Did someone say “Dog Park?” We gotta’ MAP for that!


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