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Sony Pictures: "Alpha" Complimentary Tickets (Location: Seattle)

Over here at Seattle Pup Magazine we are happy to report that SONY Pictures has given our readers complimentary tickets for an amazing, visually stunning, dog creation story. Our team went to a showing last week, and we are in the process of writing a full review of this creative, captivating film. In a nutshell, Alpha provides an enduring story of untold beauty, perseverance, the overcoming of seemingly insurmountable odds, companionship, and grit. In other words, we loved it and are thrilled to be able to share this experience with you. See you at the pictures!

Free MOVIE SCREENING: Tuesday August 14, 2018 Time: 7PM Location: Seattle/Regal Thorton Place Cinema (Northgate/IMAX 3D)

*Download your tickets*

*Go to this link:

After downloading your tickets, secure your seats by sending an email to our SONY representative, Rachel ( and request that you and your guest be put on the "Early Entry" list. This will guarantee entry prior to 6:30PM and early access to the theater prior to the general admission line.

*You are also invited to join the Seattle Pup Pack for a meet & greet before the show. Join us for Happy Hour at the Watershed Pub and Kitchen, it is right next to the theater! We will be there from 5PM-6:00PM. Live. Love. WAG!

**Limit 2 tickets per download


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