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OMD! (Oh my DOG): Woof! From Oscar


Oscar and cat

My name is Oscar. I’m a happy 8-year-old Bohuahua (pronounced Ba-wa-wa). A custom breed from Boston Terrier and Chihuahua parents. I am short and have the head of a Chihuahua but am brindle with the body of a Boston Terrier. I am one of a kind . . . I think.

I moved to Seattle from Yakima over six years ago. I don’t remember much from my first two years. My-then-human had to take care of her sick father and didn’t have time for me anymore so she gave me to a rescue in Yakima. My current human adopted me from Homeward Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville. It took me a week to win my human’s heart. Every time I would see her I would wag my tail and smile. She came to my crate and petted me or gave me a treat. My cat sister was already at home and my human needed to know we would get along. A few days later, I went home for a weekend with a couple that had a lot of cats and found that I get along with cats! My human was so happy that she took me home the day I got back to the shelter. She asked her human if they could foster me but she knew she was not going to bring me back.


She is my human. Mine!


Bohuahua in the sunshine

In those days, since she worked at the shelter, I was able to go to work with her. Our desk was next to the window. She put my bed on the desk so I could look out the window when I was not napping. I had a fluffy bed and a nice blanket to cover me.

Our shelter friends would come say hello and give scratches or treats. It was a dream come true. When she changed jobs, I had to stay home. I was so sad; I barely wanted to leave the apartment when she was gone. I miss her so much when she is gone. I don’t play or eat and barely come out of the bedroom. She is my human. Mine! LoL. Well, it is nice to get to know you. Stay tuned for stories of my shenanigans. My human thinks I have a lot of personality. I hope you do too. Love,



WOOF! Oscar, my tail's waggin'! It is great to meet you! We look forward to hearing about your travels around Seattle! --Lucy


Notes: OMD is written by Nancy Manos.


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