Forget the Fireworks: Do the Dog Jog Instead

Photo by Nicole Manriquez #lucillemarieinc

Independence Day with its fireworks and loud noises can cause dogs extreme stress. There is a reason why more dogs go missing on this night than any other. According to the Huffington Post sudden loud sounds can cause the release of cortisol (a stress hormone) in dogs and that over 45% of dogs have a fear of fireworks.

Forget the fireworks!

Bring your pup to the

"4 on the 4th" Dog Jog and Walk

Seattle Pup Magazine would like to suggest you change up your routine. Try something new! Instead of fireworks share your holiday with your pup at Bellevue's Four on the Fourth.

On July 4th make sure your dog is in a safe place. Don't take dogs to firework displays unless you know for certain that they will not be spooked by the noises.

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