Lincoln Visits Seattle!

"Lincoln, my tail's wagging! I am so glad you enjoyed your trip. You are welcome anytime. I hope you come back soon so we can meet up at the dog park!"

Live, Love, Wag!


California canine, Lincoln from Los Angeles reached out to Seattle Pup Magazine via his Instagram #lavidalincoln the other day to share his thoughts about his visit!

WOOF! My name is Lincoln, and I'm an 8.5 lb Chihuahua mix from downtown Los Angeles. I'm named after Lincoln Park where I was found and rescued.

My mama went to school at the University of Puget Sound years ago; she was super excited when she needed to fly to Seattle for work last fall. She was even more excited when she found out how dog-friendly Seattle is.

The Westin Hotel treated

me like a king!

I loved walking all over downtown exploring parks, enjoying the gorgeous views of the Sound, taking in all the beautiful public art, and, of course, jumping in puddles.

I was even able to wear some of my sweater weather clothes that I am not able to wear very often in LA!

Seattle, the Emerald City, is a tourist hang out and over here at Seattle Pup Magazine we love to hear from our furry friends and their humans about their travels to our spot on the map! Have you visited Seattle lately? We would love to hear from you! Contact US!

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