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Happy Year of the Dog! 2018

Chinese lunar new year dog

Beginning February 16, 2018 time ushers in the year of the dog, bringing good fortune to all our Seattle Pups!

What is the Year of the Dog?'

In Chinese philosophy, there are twelve branches, or symbols, commonly called the zodiac that originally were associated with astrological and celestial patterns.


Of the twelve animal symbols,

the dog is the best one, right?


This system was built from observations of the orbit of Jupiter. Chinese astronomers divided the celestial circle into twelve sections to roughly follow the orbit of Jupiter. Each of the branches, or zodiac, are also associated with five separate elements, (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) thus making for a repeating sixty-year calendar cycle. Of the twelve animal symbols, the dog is the best one, right?

2018 is specifically the year of the Earth Dog. Earth is associated with the qualities of patience, thoughtfulness, practicality, and hard work. The earth element is also nurturing and seeks to draw all things together with itself, in order to bring harmony and stability.

While those born under this sign are said to possess courage, loyalty, and responsibility, they may also tend towards stubbornness-- not unlike many pups we know and love!

Celebrate the pups in your life during the year of the dog by keeping in touch with Seattle Pup Magazine and look for pup-happenings and resources for your dog’s health and happiness.

Chinese Pug

About the author:

Brody is a Chinese Pug born in the year of the Ox. As a pup he is stubborn, stable, and unfailingly loyal to all of his friends and family.


Editorial Note:

  • Say "Hello!" to Scooby! " 嗷呜,大家好,我叫 Scooby! Woof! Everyone!"

  • Washington State has several Lunar New Year celebrations going on. For a list lunar events check out the Seattle Pup Magazine calendar.

  • If you wish to bring your pup you will want to contact the event organizer prior to attending for more information about their rules and regulations regarding pets.

  • Seattle Pup Magazine is proud to be the first magazine in town to fully support the publication of bi-lingual articles. Do you or someone you know write in a language other than English? Please consider writing an article for us. All languages welcome!

  • NOTE: You do not need to have a dog in your life to write for us!


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