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嗷呜,大家好,我叫 Scooby! Woof! Everyone! From Scooby!


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嗷呜,大家好,我叫 Scooby,男生,今年刚满一岁, 是一只见过世面,坐过长途国际航班从台湾来到西雅图的潘布克韦尔斯柯基。鉴于今年刚好是狗年,在这里,我给大家先拜个早年。大家新年快乐,恭喜发财。也希望我的主人发大财,给我买好多好吃的好玩的。


我的女主人一开始是从她的好朋友那里知道韦尔斯柯基这个品种的,从那个时候起,她就一直想着有一天她也能拥有一只属于自己的韦尔斯柯基, 感谢我,这个愿望倒是让她给达成了。 养柯基,不,应该是说养狗狗是一件责任重大的事情,像考虑其他任何重要事情或者下决定前,每个人都需要衡量得失,从时间上,精神上,金钱上。 这一点,我家女主人做得倒是不错的,值得给个赞。因为从来都没有养过宠物的关系,在决定养狗狗前,女主人是做了各种各样的功课,就是为了对狗狗负责。 就以咱柯基犬为例,除了我们可爱的小短腿,搞笑的火腿身材,还有那圆翘圆翘的小屁屁,在各种公众平台上比较少提到的是我们脆弱的肠胃。我们特别容易闹肚子,吃多了闹肚子,吃得混杂一点闹肚子,无缘无故闹肚子那是常有的事。还有虽然肠胃弱,但是我们特别贪吃,很容易就会超重。 因为柯基犬天生的身体结构的关系,体重超重这个问题对柯基犬来说是一个负荷,时间长了,脊椎会出现问题。这些也是想要养柯基犬这种狗狗的主人们要考虑好的事情。

不过虽然咱柯基犬小毛病不少,但是抵不住我们天生长着一张可爱脸和五短的身材。 还有我们可粘人呢,和大人小孩都玩得来,活泼之余还有个性,所以,我只好奉劝一句:养柯基有得必有失,且养且珍惜吧。


Woof everybody!

My name is Scooby; I am a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi a.k.a the Queen’s dog, and I just had my very first “barkday” party thrown by my human parents (p.s. I call them “pawrents.”). They gave me tasty treats, yummy bones, and new toys for my barkday, even though Queen Elizabeth is not my owner, my human parents still treat me like I am part of the royal family, that is, I feel like a king Corgi.

I had a long flight from Taiwan to Seattle, but I was not tired. I hardly slept at all. I was so excited to meet my human parents and go to my new forever home. I felt like I knew them when I spotted them, anxiously waiting at the gate, I yapped. They turned to where the voice was coming from and saw the cutest Corgi puppy ever in their lives—me, of course—from that moment on, they became my dearest human parents, and I the furbaby.

Oh wait, before I get sidetracked or distracted again, my human parents would want me to wish everybody a Happy New Year, especially because this year is the year of the dog according to the Chinese Horoscope. Okay, enough chatting, I am going to go play fetch with my human parents.

So long everybody, until next time!




Scooby was fully vetted before boarding a plane to the United States. He had all of the necessary vaccinations and paperwork as well as health certificates issued by both the Government of Taiwan and his veterinarian. He did not stay in quarantine because of all of the paperwork presented and attached to his little traveling crate.

About the Author:

My name is Kaitlyn Yi and Scooby is my very first dog. I am a big fan of Corgis. Before finding Scooby, I kept thousands of Corgi pictures on my cellphone ​and computer so I could look at them whenever I wanted. Ever since having Scooby, my photo albums are filled with pictures of my little furbaby. ​


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