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National Parks in Washington State: Where You Can Hike with Fido

Over here at Seattle Pup Magazine we love hiking with our pups and enjoying the natural world. In Washington State we have a plethora of natural areas many of which are dog-friendly. For a few of our favorite areas check out our blog post titled "Dog-Friendly Camping in Washington: Our Top Three Places."

Keep in mind that the national parks have different rules. The basic rule when it comes to visiting the national parks with your pup is that dogs are not allowed to hike on the trails or come into the visitor center or other buildings (unless they are a service animal). However, there are less populated areas in each of the national parks that allow leashed dogs.

Washington State has four national parks.

Located in the southwestern corner of the state, this collection of national historic sites and state parks in both Washington State and Oregon allows leashed dogs on the trails and in the parade grounds of the fort. They are not allowed in buildings or in the Middle Village/ Station Camp unit.

Pets are allowed to enter the park but can only hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. They are allowed in campgrounds but must be on a 6ft non-retractable leash at all times.

The Olympics have the same rules when it comes to visitor centers and buildings, however they do have a few more hikes that are dog friendly. Including the following trails: Peabody Creek Trail (Olympic National Park Visitor Center in Port Angeles), Rialto Beach parking lot to Ellen Creek (1/2 mile), the beaches between the Hoh and Quinault reservations (Kalaloch area), Madison Falls Trail (Elwha), Spruce Railroad Trail (North shore of Lake Crescent), and the July Creek Loop Trail (North shore of Lake Quinault). They also have a program for dogs and their humans called "BARK." Click here for more info on how you and your pup can become Bark Rangers!

Like Mt. Rainier the North Cascades National Park allows leashed dogs on the Pacific Crest Trail. Leashed dogs are also allowed at the Ross Lake and Lake Chelan National Recreation Areas.

NEVER leave your dog unattended in your car or at your campsite. Plan ahead and know where you can camp and hike with your pup so that both of you have a safe amazing time at your national parks!

DON'T FORGET to BRING YOUR BAGS! All dog waste must be properly disposed of. Put all doggie waste in plastic bags and place in the proper waste container. Dog waste can attract wildlife, which can be dangerous. Please dispose of your pups' waste appropriately.

WARNING: Wildlife can be very dangerous to pups and their human companions. Wildlife may be attracted to your dog. We have black bear, wolves, coyotes, and foxes in Washington State. Often times we think of bears, wolves, and coyotes being the only animals to be cautious of. Please be aware that elk and deer have also been known to kick at and severely injure or even kill dogs.


Check out our article on some great dog-friendly camping spots in Washington State!


Got Ideas? Suggestions for where to go camping or hiking with your pup? We are all ears!


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