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Seattle Pup Kids Movie Review: Beverly Hills Chihuahua II


Seattle Pup Kids give Beverly Hills Chihuahua II (2011) all four paws! We loved it and think you would too!

Seattle Pup Kids Noah (age 8) and Benji (age 5) watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua II and enjoyed every minute of it! A movie about a fast paced family of pups captivated both kiddos and the parents for a full hour and twenty-five minutes.


"I really liked when the dogs were talking!"


The movie starts with a wedding and the antics of a new litter of puppies! The daddy pup (Papi) along with the mommy pup (Cloe) try to keep up with their energetic puppies (Papi Jr, Lala, Rosa, Ali, and Pep). The American Humane Society rates movies based on their treatment of animals and this movie received its highest rating of 5 stars!


"It was a good movie for kids like me.

I really liked Papi Junior he was funny!"


Editors Note:

Support your local library and check out the DVD!

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