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Dog Park Etiquette 101: Tips for a Great Trip!

Got a pup? Never been to a dog park? No fear Seattle Pup is here! Here are a few of our tips for a great trip!

Train your pup to come to you.

German Shepard Mix on Grass

First of all you will want to do a bit of training with your dog before attending a dog park so that you can let them off leash and be able to call them back to you. This is especially true in larger parks, like the doggie Disneyland, a.k.a Marymoor, which does not fence all of its areas.

Keep an eye on your pup. Never leave your pup without supervision at the park. Also it is important to watch their interactions and be there in case there is a scuffle. This is especially important when your pup meets and greets other dogs for the first time.


Small dogs with small dogs.

Large dogs with large dogs


Stay in the right-sized area. Most dog parks have small dog and large dog areas. Large dogs play with large dogs.....small dogs play with small dogs. Even if your little pup thinks he is king let him play with the smaller dogs. Large dogs can harm small dogs without meaning to.


Scoop the poop!


Clean up after your pup. Always bring a bag and scoop the poop! We suggest you take your pup for a walk prior to going to the dog park. One less thing to worry about!

Bring a toy or two. Having a frizbee, stick, or ball at the dog park can be a lot of fun.

Keep 'em hydrated. Your pup is going to get a workout at the park. Pack a bag with some water and a travel bowl. Some dog parks have fountains but due to weather and maintenance needs the water could be shut off. Come prepared!!


Don't forget water and treats!


Give 'em some treats. If you like to give your pup treats we suggest doing so before or after the trip. If you give your dog treats while other dogs are present in the dog park you may end up with more dogs than you bargained for!

Connect with the other dog owners. This is a great opportunity for those of you so inclined to meet other pup-friendly folks. For other ideas on how to meet dog friendly Northwesterners check out our "Find Your Pack" page.


Find Your Pack! Click Here!



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