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SNOW DOG DAYS! Tips to Keep Your Pup Warm this Winter

DO NOT TRAVEL if you DON'T HAVE TO: Seattle Pup Magazine encourages everyone to stay someplace safe, warm, and cozy during dangerous winter weather. Do not travel if you do not absolutely have to. Be sure to check the weather report for your area and be aware that the weather can change dramatically in a short amount of time during the winter.

Luna Golden Lab Puppy

"Luna" Photo Credit @lunatheteacherspet

If you have to travel or are traveling in winter when the weather is nice, make sure your car has a well-equipped emergency kit. Things that should be in your winter emergency kit:

"Playing in the snow of Volunteer Park, Capitol Hill 2.9.2019". Photo Credit @seattlepupmagazine

  • Blankets, sleeping bag, warm clothes, hat, gloves, etc. Put an extra set of clothing in your kit. You may think that you are dressed for the weather when you leave, but it is likely you may get wet and need a dry alternative.

  • Extra set of doggie clothing, doggie boots for your pup. Most dog breeds do not have the fur necessary to keep warm in extreme weather.

"Snow Princesses" Photo Credit @esaunders2012

Human and Dog food, treats. Make sure you have some food in your kit. Think high fat and protein (peanut butter is a good choice) to help you make important energy to keep you warm. Dried food can be a convenient choice as it won't spoil for months in your trunk (protein bars, dry dog food or treats, beef jerky, etc.)

Flashlight and extra batteries

An extra battery or charger for your phone--keep it charged

Extra collar & leash for your pup

"Brindle Snow Puppy!" Photo Credit @seattlepupmagazine

Puppy Paw Balm & Winter booties. Your pups paws are sensitive and can literally freeze to ice or concrete. It is very important to keep them protected in this weather! There are some wonderful local businesses that sell these products. We encourage our readers to visit their local pet boutiques and locally owned stores for a pair of booties and some paw balm.

With all the potholes created by snow covering and then melting on the streets, it's also a great idea to ensure your spare tire kit is properly inflated and functional.

For general outdoor play in the snow, look out for signs that your pup is getting too cold: shaking/shivering, change in demeanor or posture, shifting weight from one paw to another. Your pup is going to want to play with you in the snow as long as you will allow, so it is up to you to understand when it's time to go inside and warm up. Have fun out there, and avoid the yellow snow!

Edited by Wendi Black


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