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Seattle Pup Book Review! Dashing Dachshunds

by Sonja Groenewald

Reach Publishers, 2017. Reviewed by Nicole Herrera

From beginning to end author Sonja Groenewald takes the reader into the world of what having a goofy, loving, yet compact companion can be like when one welcomes home a Dachshund. The book is a quick read filled with heartwarming photos of varied types of Dachshunds and meaningful context that one can read in less than 30 minutes!

It is an interesting read for those considering adopting a Dachshund because one can understand what type temperament they can have without doing tedious online research. There is plenty of description of what personalities can take place with the breed followed up with great examples of what one can do with their new fur baby. After reading one might even want to take a shopping trip to their nearest dog clothing store for their Dachshunds if they have not already.


Throughout the book there are many

warm moments

that make the author's work relatable

to any dog enthusiast . . .


Throughout the book there are many warm moments that make the author's work relatable to any dog enthusiast, from tips on health and disease that can affect all dogs to shared beliefs on what it means to call your dog your best friend. In the end the author catches the reader off guard by tugging at their heart, her words make the reader reminisce about dog(s) one may

have had, have now, or will have in the future.

Sonja Groenewald makes the book engaging with pictures we can all relate to, pictures anyone can aww over, but it would have been nice to see a little less crowding, which would have resulted in some of the photographs having more room to be spotlighted. That being said, the pictures that were provided helped capture the essence of what sweet souls Dachshunds are and make the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” work to this book’s advantage, because photos lure you in and tie everything together.

The best part of the book is that it acts as a platform to raise awareness for an important cause called “Please be a Hero and Donate.” The author gives the reader a chance to connect with a cause that could do real good in this world. All and all, the book was a perfect read for both someone on the go and someone wanting to take it slow and research a breed that is adorably perfect to take home.

Sonja Groenewald is a working mom, who loves animals and Dachshunds in particular. Her book was born on a Facebook page for Dachshund lovers after a dear mentioned that she should make a book of all the lovely photographs.


Editorial Note: Puget Sound Area Dachshund Resources

“Dachshund Specific Information and Articles,” You Did What with Your Wiener (blog)—This great local blog is a great Dachshund resource site!

Seattle Pure Bred Rescue--Dachshund

Do you have a Dachshund and want to meet more Dachshunds? We encourage you to join a local meetup in your area! Click here for a list of meetups in the Puget Sound.



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