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Local Celebrity Grimm! Seattle Pup Halloween Spotlight

Seattle Pup Magazine



Seattle Pup Magazine is excited to spotlight local social media celebrity Grimm! Grimm is a rescue dog from PAWS in Lynnwood, Washington (aka the Progressive Animal Welfare Society) and found his forever home in March 2017. He is 1/4 Chihuahua, 1/4 Italian Greyhound, 1/8 Pomeranian, and 1/8 Boston Terrier. His signature look came about because his owner, Paruparo, happens to have a love for all sorts of spooky things and had heard about something called "creative grooming."

His groomer, Lauren Hoodenpyle, owns The Painted Pooch Grooming, where he has his appointments to keep up his look––Grimm goes in once or twice a month and keeps his skeleton look year round, not just at Halloween! The dyes used in his design are 100% animal-safe vegetable dyes designed for dogs, from the brand Opawz. He's even set, this month, to have a UV-reactive vegetable dye applied to the skeleton design—making a glow-in-the-dark skeleton! Keep an eye out on Instagram and on Seattle Pup Magazine for pictures!


After receiving so many comments on Grimm while out on their daily walks or out around the Puget Sound, Paruparo created an Instagram account for him (@skeletondoggrimm), which accumulated over 10,000 followers in the first three months!

We Love You Grimm!


Over here at Seattle Pup Magazine we love to Spotlight Northwest pups like Grimm!! Would you like us to Spotlight your pup? Contact us!

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