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Did Someone Say DOG PARK?  Seattle Pup is adding more to the MAP!

Did Someone Say DOG PARK?

Over there at Seattle Pup we are sniffing out as many dog parks as we can find! It’s late tonight but we are not even close to dog-tired this evening! So here is a list of the new ones on the map as of tonight!

map of dog parks

Greenbank Farm Off Leash Park –Whidbey Island

Verlot Campground –Dog Friendly Camping

Edmonds Beach Park ---Water Dogs Unite!

Perriville Dog Park

Clear Creek Dog Park

Howe Farm

Willis D. Tucker Off Leash Park---Area with trails is FENCED! Yip!ee!

Cedar River Dog Park—Renton

Luther Burbank Dog Park—Mercer Island

Have you been to these parks? What did you think? If you would like to write a review contact us! Or write a comment below!

Keep an eye out for more! While at the Seattle Tacoma Pet Con we asked you for your help finding the dog parks! You gave us dozens and dozens of parks! Get OUT THERE!


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