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Seattle Pup Winter Alert: Healthy Paws make Happy Pups!

Healthy Paws Make Happy Pups!

Winter is coming to the Pacific Northwest! This weekend it is supposed to be below freezing. And we might actually get SNOW.

Owners need to pay attention when it comes to walking their pups during the winter months.



Keep your pups close!


Paws can stick to the ice. Paws are rough, but they are also how puppies sweat and this means they can stick to ice. This can cause irritation and cracking. There are numerous dog paw balms that can be applied prior to going outside, to keep your pup's feet healthy.

Check out this natural DIY paw protector recipe:

Or support local artisans by purchasing locally-made pet-friendly balms.

Healthy Paws Make Happy Pups!

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