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Seattle Pup Presents: The First Pup in Film "Athlete with Wand" by Thomas Edison, 1894)

Canines have been part of our lives for centuries and have been part of every part of our lives. Some of our most important inventions have had dogs right along side us. For example, Thomas Edison produced one of the first recorded films with a man slowly moving a long stick while a dog sleeps near by. This black dog with the white stripe down the neck is the first dog on film! We don't know his/her name but she is a superstar to us!

Seattle Pup collects films throughout the ages that star our pups! Check out our other blog posts "Rescued by Rover" (1905) about a collie named Blair who saves a girl from a kidnapping and "Speed" (1926), a story about a police K-9 called Lightin', who nabs the bad guys.


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