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Seattle Pup Movie Review: K-9 Pup Star Lightnin' in 1926 Silent Movie "Speed"

Over here at Seattle Pup Magazine we love DOGS, HISTORY, and MOVIES! Our goal is to review all the movies with dogs in them and are there tons of them out there!


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"Lightnin' the Police Dog in "Speed", silent movie dog star 1926

Dogs have been part of our lives for nearly as long as humans have been living on this planet, so it is no wonder that they graced our movie screens since the very beginning!

Nearly 100 hundred years ago Pup Star Lightnin' lit up the silent movie screen in Speed (produced in 1926).

This silent movie showcases

the beauty and intelligence

of this amazing pup!

Dogs have been in our movies as long as they have been around, before "talkies" even!

Check out this silent film about Lightnin' a police dog hero!

A jewel thief has the police in a tizzy. Find out if Lightnin' can save the day!


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