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The Eyes Have It!

It is very important to care for your pups vision. To keep your pups peepers in pristine condition it is best to preempt potential problems. Here are a few tips:

  1. Keep it cut. Long hair around the eyes can poke the eye and cause scratches and inflammation.

  2. No more gunk. Gunk around the eyes can become annoying to your pup and he/she may inadvertently scratch their eyes when trying to remove it. Use a damp cotton ball to remove gunk from your pups eyes. Always wipe away from the eye.

  3. Don’t let it all hang out. If you have ever had a rock hit your windshield, you understand what kind of debris can be kicked up while driving, and the damage it can do. Your pup’s eyes are very sensitive and even small rocks and debris can cause serious damage. It is best to keep the window at such a level that your pup’s nose can take in all the delicious smells out there but that their head and eyes are inside the vehicle when it is in motion.

If your pup exhibits distress: excessive scratching at/around the eyes, eyes are watering or red it is important to have them checked out by your vet. For more information about pup eye health visit: WebMD Eye Care for Dogs.


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