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Breed Specific Rescues of the Northwest!

White dog looking at mountain lake

Are you looking for a specific breed? Please check out this list to find your fur baby! 

 Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue


Airedale Terrier Rescue
Washington Alaskan Malamute Adoption League 
Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Assoc.


Basset Rescue of Puget Sound

Seattle Beagle Rescue 
Bearded Collie Club of America-Rescue
Bernese Mountain Dog - Rescue|Rehome 
Rescue Brigade

Bloodhound Rescue 

Border Terrier Rescue 
Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington
American Bouvier Rescue League 
Northwest Boxer Rescue 

Bracco Italiano Rescue
Washington Bulldog Haven NW Rescue

Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue

Bull Terrier Rescue, Inc.


Cairn Rescue USA
Washington Chihuahua Rescue
NW Chow Chow Rescue 
Cascade Collie Rescue


Dachshund Rescue NW 

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Rescue League 
Dalmatian Rescue of Puget Sound
Doberman Rescue (Seattle) 


English Springer Rescue America

Norwegian Elkhound Rescue


Foxhound Rescue

Washington German Shepherd Rescue 

Golden Retriever Rescue/Golden Bond Rescue
Great Pyrenees Rescue Society

Greyhound Pets of America Greater Northwest




Jack Russell Rescue 


Kerries (Kerry Blue Terriers)
 Helping Kerries



Mastiff Rescue (Oregon) 
Washington Manchester Terrier Rescue
Miniature Pinscher Rescue
Miniature Schnauzer Dog Rescue

Maple Creek (WA) Miniature Schnauzer Rescue


Norwich Terrier Rescue 


The Old English Sheepdog Rescue of Washington State 


Papillon Haven Rescue 
Three Little Pitties Rescue
Hello Pitty Rescue
Puget Sound Poodle Club Rescue
Church of Pug Rescue 
Pacific Pug Rescue 
Seattle Pug Rescue 



Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue

Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation 
Northwest Samoyed Rescue 

Scottish Terrier Rescue Northwest
Silky Terrier Rescue 

Pei People Shair Pei Rescue
Sheltie Rescue

NW Snowdog Rescue (Siberian Husky


Oregon Weimaraner Rescue 
Wheaten Terrier Rescue

Westie Rescue 
Jammin' Whippets 

-X, Y, Z-
Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue 
Welcome Save A Yorkie Rescue

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Do you have suggestions for other breed specific rescues in the Pacific Northwest?

Contact us!

Do you have suggestions for other breed specific rescues in the Northwest?

Contact us!

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