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Welcome to the Emerald City.

We are glad you are here!

You've traveled to one of the most dog-friendly cities in the nation and Seattle Pup Magazine is working to update our site with anything and everything Seattle Dog there is! 
For example:
You can check out dog-friendly events going on year-round by visiting the Seattle Pup dog events calendar or pick one of over 60 off-leash dog parks from our Pacific Northwest-wide Dog Park MapDog-friendly pubs and restaurants can be found in addition to over 70 state parks, and hundreds of city and county parks where leashed dogs are welcome. Our national parks have restrictions but if you plan on camping your pup can stay in your campsite and certain hikes are available as long as they are on a non-retractable leash.
We encourage you to get around town by using one of our many buses , ferries, and other transit options. They all have different pet policies, and we linked to them in our "Ride Right with Rover Mass Transit Guide.
Washington also hosts several wineries, and of course, we found one with a dog park! 
Need a place to stay? Check out our list of dog-friendly lodging choices.  And if you need help we have listed the 24-Hour Vet Clinics for the greater Seattle Metro area.  
We love our city and are happy to share it with you! 
During your stay  please take lots of pictures of your pup and please share them with us!
Small black dog in front of Pike's Place Market

California canine Lincoln (#lavidalincoln) was Spotlighted on "The WOOF!" Check out the article here!   Have you visited Seattle lately? Would your pup like to be Spotlighted? Contact us!

Getting Around Town

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