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The Limelight Pet Project

A photo of Holly, Marika, and Tracy on a Limelight Day

On a cold winter day in Everett, Washington, Seattle Pup Magazine met with Marika, Holly, and Tracy of the Limelight Pet Project. They were dressed in warm clothes and packed with gear for a two-hour photo session in the 34° weather. Their preparation was well organized because they do this every week – rain, sleet, or snow. Inclement weather can’t stop them from their work because “Limelight day” is their favorite day of the week. The Limelight Pet Project has two main objectives: to shine a spotlight on hard-to-adopt pets and to tell their stories, as well as the stories of the people and groups that care for these animals.

This noble nonprofit began as a thoughtful conversation amongst friends over coffee, and then in 2019, it became a reality. Each week, this small, kind-hearted group meets with one pet that has been having a hard time finding a forever home. They take beautiful photographs of the pet (Holly and Marika are professional dog photographers) and record a video interview with a member from their rescue group or organization to learn as much as they can about the animal. Next, it’s crunch time. The photographs must be edited and prepared for social media and the video needs to be prepared for TV. Fox 13 News has partnered with the Limelight Pet Project: anchor/reporter Chynna Greene and reporter John Hopperstad present the pets each Sunday morning.

Holly, Marika, and Tracy of the Limelight Pet Project on the set of Fox 13 News

There are many groups and rescues that collaborate with the Limelight Pet Project and have animals regularly featured – some of these organizations that work with dogs (and cats) have been written about on Seattle Pup, like Homeward Pet Adoption Center and Motley Zoo. Others help different animals like horses, goats, and rabbits. In fact, Limelight recently featured a herd of 16 horses from Graham, Washington. (This herd is currently living in Redmond at Save A Forgotten Equine, where they received medical and dental care. They are happy, healthy horses waiting for their forever homes. If they are not adopted, they will live at Save A Forgotten Equine indefinitely.)

photo collage of area where Seattle Pup Magazine interviewed The Limelight Pet Project and their process of taking pictures of a boxer pup.

These women have done extraordinary work for the pet community, for nothing more than gratitude and the joy of having helped animals in need. Holly and Marika have their own professional dog photography businesses (Holly C. Cook Photography and SoulDog Creative). Tracy serves as host of Limelight. One thing is for certain: when you get this group together, anything is possible! They clearly enjoy working with each other and are bonded by their desire to help the pet community.

Keep up with the Limelight Pet Project on their Instagram or Facebook accounts!

Article by Wendi Black

Edited by K. Sims

Photos taken by Wendi Black or approved for use by The Limelight Pet Project from their Facebook account

April 2023



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