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SPOTlight: Tayto!

Seattle Pup is always looking for new dogs to spotlight for our webzine. Today, we shine the light on Tayto! He is a roughly two-year-old mix from Texas who LOVES to go on hikes. He has seen many, many trails in the Pacific Northwest already and looks forward to exploring many more!

Photo by Owner

Having four feline siblings, Tayto is very well rounded and friendly to all creatures. Playing with other animals is among his favorite things to do, whether on a hike at the park, or even just visiting a friend. If Tayto can’t play with another critter, he will spend his time nom-noming on a squeaky Kong toy.

Photo by Owner

Tayto does, however, have an arch nemesis–water! He used to detest being anywhere near it, but as time goes on, he has become comfortable enough to carefully navigate logs or stones to avoid its clutches. You go Tayto!

Photo by Wendi Black

Article by Wendi Black

November 2021



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