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SPOTlight: Raphael

Photo by Lynnelee Jo Photography

Raphael (or Raph for short) is a handsome black lab mix who was adopted from the Oregon Humane Society in 2016 (he was 8 weeks old). He has spent most of his life living within an hour of Seattle, and now resides near the Oregon coast. He LOVES to follow his people around wherever they go. If he could attach himself to their hip, he would!

His favorite thing to do outside is chase butterflies! But no activity is better than eating food. He’s somehow managed to keep his puppy eyes through the years, so he just whips out that perfect puppy staredown anytime he wants more food or treats.

Photo by Alfred Trinidad Photography

If those puppy eyes weren’t enough, he was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer when he was six that makes his humans give in to most of his wishes. He is SUCH a good boy for his chemotherapy every day!

Raph aspires to be a professional tester of cozy sleeping spots, but he settles for being a part time model for Seattle Pup Magazine. You’ll find him occasionally on our social media posts and posing for photos to accompany articles (along with his brother Carter).

Article by Wendi Black



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