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SPOTlight: Fizz!

Old Greyhound snuggling with his toys

Fizz is a retired racing greyhound! He lived and raced in Florida before he was adopted by his forever family through Colorado Greyhound Adoption in 2016. He was about four years old then. Fizz’s people don’t know much about what his life was like as a racing dog, but it was probably quite different from his life as a retiree! After being adopted, he adjusted relatively quickly to apartment living (and to the love and attention from his new family!).

As a ten-year-old pup, Fizz’s favorite thing to do is nap in the sunshine on the patio. But he is also always happy to take a walk on the beach or in the neighborhood, sniffing all the good smells (and some not-so-good ones)! His three favorite toys to play or snuggle with are his starfish, llama, and gator.

Yogurt and cheese are Fizz’s favorite treats. Due to his sensitive stomach, he can only have them on special occasions, but he gobbles them up whenever he has the chance!

Greyhound smiling at camera with Haystack rock on Cannon Beach in background

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Article by Wendi Black

Edited by K. Sims

Photos provided by K. Sims

November 2022



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