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SPOTlight: E-town Frenchies!

Today we explore a town a couple of hours from the city to spotlight a couple of adorable frenchie pups: Luna and Mila!

Photos by Owners

These sisters are eight months old and LOVE to explore the greater Seattle area. They enjoy walking along the waterfront (both in Seattle and at Tacoma’s Ruston Point), puppuccinos, and attention, attention, attention!

But after a long day of adventure, their favorite place to be is home in Eatonville. Far from the hustle and bustle of urban life, these girls love to run in their large yard, chase their chickens, and accompany their human friends on various adventures including fishing at Alder lake, hiking trails all over the Pacific Northwest, and taking long naps by the fireplace. They also love to chew on… well, everything! But their favorite chew toy is each other’s ears. Fortunately, they’re pretty gentle with one another.

These adorable bundles of fun have their own Instagram page, @etownfrenchies, where you can follow them on their exciting adventures and see them snuggled up in their relaxing home life.

Article by Wendi Black



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