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Pawsitive Alliance

In 2005 there was a major disconnect between animal adoption agencies and people looking to adopt. Sure, some of the largest adoption agencies had a fairly well maintained website, but communication and marketing can be very difficult for smaller rescues these days, and extremely limited in the days prior to Facebook and email subscriptions. Most rescues and animal shelters do their best to ensure that the animals are taken care of and are getting what they need, but most of these organizations have very little additional resources for community outreach and marketing. A few people who worked and volunteered with animal rescues noticed this barrier and made a plan to help by forming Pawsitive Alliance. Instead of starting their own adoption organization, which would fill up quickly without really relieving the burden of animal intakes from other organizations long-term, they decided to help local shelters and rescues across Washington a different way-by bridging that divide and provide ways to connect them with the public as well as help people provide great care for their own pets, to keep them in loving homes.

Husky at dog adoption event

Pawsitive Alliance still works across Washington, partnering with shelters and rescues to adopt out more pets by coordinating, facilitating, and marketing multi-rescue adoption events (including Bark at the Park). This helps the community meet the pets in need of homes from numerous adoption agencies at one time, while also helping these agencies get the attention and recognition they need to continue their great work, providing direct care for animals in need. Pawsitive Alliance’s adoption events also enable smaller organizations, and those from less populated areas of Washington, bring their adoptable pets to events and locations where there are more families and individuals looking for a new furry family member. These events also provide an opportunity for these organizations to connect with each other, forging many bonds that have strengthened the network among animal adoption agencies throughout the state. To this day, Pawsitive Alliance has helped over 8,000 homeless pets find forever homes, partnering with over 100 adoption agencies.

This photo is Bubu, the longest standing pup in the #WhyNotMePets campaign.

Of the many pet adoption activities are coordinated by Pawsitive Alliance, our favorite is the #WhyNotMePets campaign that highlights homeless cats and dogs who are having a hard time finding a home. Last year, 50 of the 83 homeless pets they promoted found a forever home, and they continue to promote more this year. On the link, the available pets are listed newest to oldest. On July 16th, 2022, Pawsitive Alliance will be participating in the Old Dog Haven Festival at Cromwell Park, highlighting long-term homeless pets in their #WhyNotMePets campaign. Check out this and all of their upcoming events HERE or on our calendar.

They didn’t stop there though. Digging even deeper to help pets in need, Pawsitive Alliance works tirelessly to help keep pets in their homes. Too many pets get separated from their loved ones and, sadly, are never reunited, many simply because they weren’t wearing any identification. Pawsitive Alliance battles this tragedy by coordinating and hosting activities to distribute free microchips and pet ID tags! They will be providing free ID tags to all who want one at the Old Dog Haven Festival mentioned above and other events throughout the summer

Additionally, through their Pet Retention Program, Pawsitive Alliance works to help pets flourish with their caretakers by providing essential pet supplies to those in need through regular free pet supply distribution events. Pawsitive Alliance believes that income should not be a barrier between a pet staying with their caretaker and recognizes that sometimes people just need a little help ensuring their pets can thrive.

Not only does Pawsitive Alliance provide free pet supplies to families in need, they also organize pet supply runs to both human and animal welfare organizations around the state to support their efforts to help people and their pets prosper, together. These supplies are provided by individuals and pet stores and sometimes from donation collection events. If you would like to host a pet supply collection event for their efforts, they’d love to hear from you! Their next donation collection event is being hosted by Ridwell from July 11-23, from their Seattle clients; items collected include pet clothing and canned pet food.

When asked about what generated their success and keeps them moving forward, Yolanda, one of the co-founders, replied humbly that the people of Washington love animals and appreciate Pawsitive Alliance’s efforts to help vulnerable cats and dogs. Due to the sheer numbers of homeless pets around our state, and those needing services, they have found they don’t need to put their time into convincing folks to care for their pets, it is keeping up with the need to provide enough services and adoption opportunities. She also fondly mentioned that, in general, the rescues and shelters are very supportive and grateful for the work Pawsitive Alliance does and work well together. She and the team at Pawsitive Alliance continue to do this work because the feeling of helping so many pets find loving homes, of helping cats and dogs thrive with their caretakers, and providing animal welfare organizations opportunities to connect and work with each other to help more pets, is incredibly rewarding. Pawsitive Alliance’s vision is a healthy and happy home for every cat and dog in Washington.

Seattle Pup is incredibly impressed with the work that Pawsitive Alliance is doing and we hope you are too! They are always looking for new volunteers and donors. So, if you’re looking for a way to give back to the community and encourage people who love what they do, check out some opportunities HERE. You could also fill out the volunteer form or reach out to Pawsitive Alliance via

Article by Wendi Black

July 2022

Photos provided by Pawsitive Alliance



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